Paper Clip Method: How to String Adjusters on to Ear Loop

1. Unfold a paperclip to where there is a U-shaped hook at the bottom and the rest of the paperclip is used as the threading mechanism.

2. Slide the first silicon adjuster on to the threading mechanism with the larger hole of the adjuster pointing toward the U-shaped hook and the smaller hole pointing up toward the end of the threading mechanism.

3. Pinch the U-shaped hook where it comes together with the threading mechanism. Then slide the silicon adjuster over the pinched area of the hook until you see both ends of the hook coming out of the top hole (as shown in photo).

4. To thread the adjuster on to the ear loop, slide the silicon adjuster down the U-shaped hook as you pull up on the paperclip.

5. Repeat the same steps with the second ear loop.