Custom Sports Apparel

Are you in need of Custom Sports Apparel?

We can certainly do so! Call 888-218-8647 Ext 1 for more information!

Being factory direct eliminates the confusion, higher pricing, and unreliable nature of working with a middle man.

An order Is fully placed when 3 things occur:

1. Artwork is Approved

2. Sizes, Colors, Names, and/or Numbers Are Submitted on our Order Forms

3. 60% Production Deposit is paid.

Please read below for a detailed breakdown of how we will get there and the options you have to save time and money!

1. Team makes a small refundable product sample deposit or pays an Early Bird Reservation Deposit (a small deposit that is credited toward your order and reserves production space and our low pricing at even the busiest times of year).

2. You will be introduced to our Art Team. You can then schedule a call to speak directly to our Art Coordinator about the design(s) you want to see, as well as send in any logos needed. We will provide links to choose from our design library or you can submit your own images.
Our Art Coordinator helps you through this process until you see designs that you approve, but keep in mind – the art process is NOT factored in to our quoted production timelines.
The entire art process typically takes 0-3 revisions, but it is controlled by you. Make sure the artwork you are approving is exactly what you want produced. After your art is approved AND you have paid an Early Bird Deposit, we are able to move into the next stage of our process.
When the order is submitted into the production process, changes in art will affect delivery and will result in design change fees.

3. If you have paid an Early Bird Deposit, you will be sent an Order Form that you will complete entirely online. If you have all of your sizes, numbers, names, and have chosen your exact colors, you will enter this information on each applicable tab. Using our Order Forms ensures complete order accuracy. What you enter here is what we will produce.

If You Have At Least (1) Size, Number, and/or Name:
For each custom item, you will add this information to each tab, and what you enter will be part of your order. We will make this product and upload photos of this product to your order form for you to review and approve. Many times this is done months before the order is actually going to be placed, which allows partial production to begin and saves time when you have your full order ready.

4. When your full order is entered on your Order Form, we send you an invoice to match what you have entered on your Order Form. At least a 60% deposit is required at that time to start mass production. Rush orders and balances of $500.00 or less pay 100% to start full production.

To start an order before 60% payment is made, team can do a partial production deposit (Mini and FSS only – See 5A & B below). Please discuss this option with your representative.

Early Bird Orders:
Not required to pay production deposit until the end of step 5 or whenever you submit your sizes and numbers (whichever comes later).

5. After early bird/production deposit is made, and art is approved, we will begin the production process.

Early Bird Orders:
Teams that take advantage of Early Bird reservations move into production approvals as soon as art is approved. By accomplishing the production approvals in advance you will save time when you are ready to place your order.

The production process will include 2 rounds of production approvals to ensure design and color accuracy as follows:

A. Mini Photo For Approval: Team will receive photo of scaled down version of the uniform for approval to confirm layout, colors, etc. This is NOT to change artwork. It is to ensure that we execute the already approved design. Any changes in design will result in delays and additional charges!

B. Full Size Sample (FSS) Photo For Approval: After Mini is approved, we will send the team photos of 1 uniform at Full Size for approval. Once approved the order is ready to be moved into the Final Production Queue to be finished and ready for shipment.

Early Bird Orders:
Many times Early Bird order start months or weeks in advance of when the order will actually be placed. Once Early Bird production approvals are complete the process is in neutral until we receive sizes / numbers and production deposit. Your Early Bird Deposit is included and applied to the production deposit. Balances of $500 or less pay 100% when ordering.

At this point we’re in the final stages of production. During peak production times, an order can take 3-6 weeks to produce unless specified otherwise. Early Bird will allow you to knock 1-2 weeks off the timeline. Your exact timeline will be quoted by your representative. Many times we deliver faster than the quoted timelines and proper planning can cut down your timeline drastically when it’s time to place your order. Rushing is the least favorable route for us both! The key is to communicate and plan!

6. Once we are in final production, all previous deposits are put towards your balance and the final balance needs to be paid.

7. When production is complete, assuming final balance is cleared, items will ship to customer. Please expect 2-3 business days in transit assuming normal delivery operations.

We do have rush services for additional fees. Purchase orders are available to qualified accounts. Additional charges typically apply on purchase orders due to financing cost to us.