Infinite Edge and PTS Masks – Merging Two Good Ideas For One Great Idea

Infinite Edge and PTS Masks – Merging Two Good Ideas For One Great Idea

We, at Infinite Edge, aren't strangers to the world of Apparel and Sublimation. You may have seen us in a few places (Primetime Sports Apparel & PTS Masks) and if you haven't – Then you are in for some good news.

We own our factory and that is our greatest advantage. We have a dedicated team of office personnel based in North Carolina ready to help you during our business hours. We have built a top-notch reputation (hundreds of 4 and 5 star organic customer reviews on both Primetime Sports Apparel and PTS Masks) and we continue to deliver fantastic products within the timelines we say.

Why Infinite Edge?

Infinite Edge was born out of the idea of being limitless. We have been nested under "apparel" and under "masks" but we do MUCH more than that and we want you to be curious. We have broken free from choosing an umbrella and built a brand identity to allow us to reach you, to reach your friends, and to reach your business to be the final source for everyone's needs.

Infinite Edge combines aspects of our business that you already know and love, as well as bring upon new opportunities. For example, with PTS Masks, we introduced our Blank Face Masks with Adjustable Ear Loops with an incredible response. From there, we recognize that businesses are in need of quality blank products FAST. We are positioned to offer a variety of low priced blanks, from masks to socks to arm sleeves to neck gaiters, so that businesses can easily decorate these items to build their own brand.

With that, we also offer fantastic designed items for ALL customers. Buying a blank item isn't exactly SUPER COOL to everyone. But if you have a family member or friend that likes tie dye, then we have a ready-to-ship design for them to wear around daily. We also recognize the demand for accessories like mask lanyards or packs of mask filters, so upon buying a new mask, we can offer these additional pieces as well without having the customer source these things from different vendors and hope for the best.

And there is always the crowd that likes to be CUSTOM. Which we have options for ALL customers there, as well. Your own designs or personalized items have a fast lead time and are of the highest quality.

We know that regardless of the type of customer you are, you value a great deal. And we aren't looking to give you any less of a great deal. That isn't our M.O. Remember – We own our factory. We give you deep competitive discounts on all of our products.

Where did PTS Masks go?

PTS Masks technically didn't go anywhere. We brought together two fantastic entities to best serve our customer base. We might look a little different now, but our products are still here. Our fast lead times are still here. And the same great quality service is ready to help you!